Morticed acoustic bottom door seal

BB-SM 920

A medium duty fully automatic door seal that is morticed into the bottom of the door. It is operated by pressure on an actuator that operates the internal mechanism. Silicon rubber gasket allows this seal to be used in fire door applications. This seal can also be fitted into a hollow bottom section of an aluminium door.

BB-SM 920 Specifications

Min / Max Gap: 3mm / 15mm
Location: Single and double door, butt hinged.
Stocked Seal Sizes: 600mm, 820mm, 920mm, 1070mm, 1220mm. Other sizes may be available upon request. Maximum cutback on each seal 100mm.
Standard Finish: Clear Anodised Aluminium.
Seal Material: Grey Silicon Rubber
Adjustment: Adjustable strike block screw.
Fixing Method: Concealed in Mortice pocket, stainless steel fixing plates. Screws supplied.
Fixing Plate Dimensions: 23mm wide, 60mm high, 1.2mm thick.
Durability : Tested to over 1,000,000 operating cycles without failure.
Applications: Noise, medium temperature smoke, insects and vermin, weather, and HVAC efficiency.
Fire Approvals:
Fire: Conforms to BCA 2012 Spec. C3.4. Sec 3.2 ( c ) Deemed to Satisfy Provisions Tested to AS1530.4—2005.
Acoustics: Conforms to Class 2-9 Buildings BCA 2012 Sec.F5.5 ( b ) Deemed to Satisfy Provisions

Door drop seal certificate
Morticed bottom door seal BB-SM 920 2
Morticed bottom door seal BB-SM 920 3