Slimline perimeter soundproofing door seal

BB-SDJ 1000

A slimline door frame seal which has very good acoustic properties. A very quick and easy seal to install on the door frame and can be used a door jamb in light duty applications. Is adjustable through the concealed fixing slots for a precise fit. Very quick and easy to install without the need to remove the door.

BB-SDJ 1000 Specifications

Min / Max Gap: 0mm / 6mm
Location: Head / Jambs of singles or double butt hinge doors.
Stocked Seal Sizes: 1000mm, 2750mm and standard door sets.
Standard Finish: Clear Anodised Aluminium.
Seal Material: Grey Silicon Rubber
Adjustment: Fixing holes are slotted for adjustment while fitting the seal.
Fixing Method: Phillips head Zinc plated screws are supplied. The seal can also be mitred, or butt joined.
Applications: Noise, medium temperature smoke, insects and vermin, weather, and HVAC efficiency.
Fire Approvals:
Fire: Conforms to BCA 2012 Spec. C3.4. Sec 3.2 ( c ) Deemed to Satisfy Provisions Tested to AS1530.4—2005.
Acoustics: Conforms to Class 2-9 Buildings BCA 2012 Sec.F5.5 ( b ) Deemed to Satisfy Provisions 

Door drop seal certificate
Slimline perimeter door seal BB-SDJ 1000 2
Slimline perimeter door seal BB-SDJ 1000 3