Air conditioning compressor outdoor soundproofing


Noise from rambling air conditioning compressors can be very disturbing, it’s an intermittent noise that can just pop up at night and wake you up.

There is not much to do at the compressor itself other than exchange it for a quieter model.

Creating a noise barrier fence is a good solution.

Below a case solved with BlastBlock noise fence barrier to satisfaction of all involved.

Noise levels before installation of BlastBlock Fence

Noise levels after installation of BlastBlock Fence


If you are experiencing noise nuisance from your own or neighbours air-conditioning units then you are not the only one. Especially in Asia, 4 out of 10 households encounter noise hinder from airconditioning units.

BlastBlock is most suitable to lower the noise from airconditioning so the noise nuisance will be gone.

Outdoor airconditioning noise (compressor)

This unit typically consists of a big fan which predominantly causes the most noise nuisance. You can build a noise barrier with the (all-weather) BlastBlock, thickness 3 mm. Just leave enough space between the small barrier and the compressor to not disturb the airflow and preventing any issues with the airconditioning unit.

It doesn’t only keep the noise away but it also will look a lot better!

Typically the noise reduction should be up to 50 %! Additionally (optional) you can add sound absorption on the inside of the small barrier to even increase the noise reduction of the air conditioner! For this, there is BlastAbsorb, thickness 50 mm (2″).

Indoor noise from the air conditioner

Indoor noise mostly originates from the compressor outdoors, especially the on- and off-switching. It’s a low-frequency impact noise with a relatively high peak noise level. It’s easy to add BlastBlock (3 mm) to the existing wall and eliminate most of the noise coming through the wall.

Noise and especially noise control is a technical and delicate matter to solve, however we are here to provide you with the right, most effective and low-cost solution.

Please do not hesitate to communicate your inquiries with us and we will come up with the best solutions for you.