Automotive mlv noise barrier against road noise

Automotive road noise barrier

Taking a joyful relaxing ride in your car can be disturbed by road noise and it can be very annoying. Typically noise from the road (rolling noise) will be louder than from the wind.

Luckily there is something you can do about this and pretty easy as well. BlastBlock special acoustic optimized mlv is the solution.

BlastBlock is our best automotive sound barrier insulation, designed to be used on top of the vibration dampers to block the transfer of the most difficult airborne sound waves. Keep out the road noise and other disruptive noises.

To consider before installing road noise dampening materials:

  • decide at which parts of the car you want to add the noise insulation, floor, doors, trunk, cabin side
  • measure the parts of the BlastBlock needed and carefully draw them on the material to make sure you won’t lose too much material
mlv car floor noise reduction blastblock

MLV Car floor noise reduction BlastBlock

blastblock noise reduction for your car

BlastBlock Noise reduction for your vehicle.

Noise and especially noise control is a technical and delicate matter to solve, however we are here to provide you with the right, most effective and low-cost solution.

Please do not hesitate to communicate your inquiries with us and we will come up with the best solutions for you.