Blastdoor Soundproof wooden door STC45

BlastDoor STC45 Soundproof door, wood

BlastDoor STC45 Soundproof door, wood

STC 45 db sound insulation

Suitable for: recording studio, live room

Professional 65mm thick sound insulation door page
Patented servo-type telescopic door frame
German original flame retardant 1 hour sound insulation door core
German original thermal expansion smoke resistance sealing strip
German original angular sound insulation rubber strip
Internal and external double-toothed
stainless steel coated ultra-thin Menkan
German-style six-dimensional regulation hinge
Airtight mute door lock
German original automatic sound insulation door gate
One-piece metal circular sound insulation vacuum glass observation window

Environmental protection level:

In line with international E0 environmental standards (zero emissions)

Finishing material:

Korea PP anti-staining and scratch-resistant finish

Specifications reference:

H2200 * W900 * D200-400mm

Monomer weight:

Door page ≤80Kg
door frame ≤50Kg

Sound insulation performance:

STC 45 dB

Customized instructions:

Accept non-standard specifications, colour finishes, appearances, hardware accessories, double door customization, non-standard door sound insulation may be affected, non-standard custom doors do not have a standard door to buy and install conditions, custom time is expected to 45 days.

BlastDoor STC45 wood