Industrial noise control


Industrial noise control and soundproofing.

Occupational noise is one of the hazards when working in the industry. It’s already well accepted that the noise levels have to be within the thresholds to prevent hearing loss for the workers.

However, noise is so much more than ‘just’ a nuisance, it’s a real health risk. Also, productivity will drastically improve when the noise levels in a factory are low.

There is no cure for noise-induced hearing loss but it is 100% preventable!

Of course, industrial noise will not only stay in the building. A lot of the noise will be emitted to the surroundings of the buildings. BlastBlock can also help to mitigate noise transmission to the boundary or surrounding residential areas. This can be done in the form of noise mitigation at the machines, improving some parts of the construction of the building or creating a noise barrier with BlastBlock.

At BlastBlock our noise control engineers with years of experience in Building Acoustics are here to support and advise you the best solution for your noise-proofing issue.

Noise and especially noise control is a technical and delicate matter to solve, however we are here to provide you with the right, most effective and low-cost solution.

Please do not hesitate to communicate your inquiries with us and we will come up with the best solutions for you.